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Wireless data & voice communication solutions, both outdoor wide area and point-to-point solutions, and in-premise solutions. This to ensure reliable communications where cable proves impractical and costly, and for mobile workers whereby the back-office systems are extended to the knowledge workers on the road

The design, configuration, and implementation of robust wireless solutions to satisfy the customer requirement Our solutions employ the latest in technological offerings from the major wireless manufacturers, with our technical resources offering certified and experienced support. We enjoy the privilege of a reputation for smart and agile solutions, both in new implementations, integrating into legacy infrastructure, and partnering in migration policies in continual improvement and upgrading of wireless technology

All solution offerings include professional system design, including wireless/RF site surveys & performance analysis. On-going wireless health checks and fault-finding services guarantee continual improvement in the overall solution performance

24/7 service and support models are structured to suit the client

IEEE 802.11 WLAN solutions include:

  • Industrial wireless communications - WLAN PLC integration

  • Wireless Access Points and Access Ports

  • Wireless Controllers

  • Wireless Client Bridges

  • Wireless network monitoring, diagnostics, and management

  • Wireless intrusion prevention management systems

  • WLAN security and performance monitoring

Wireless Voice Over IP Solutions

Network Cable Technician
Communication Tower

Wireless Broadband solutions include:

  • PTP (Point to Point) wireless backhaul solutions

  • PMP (Point to Multi point) access networks solutions

  • Traffic monitoring and control

  • Solar power , where power supply is problematic


Darner Engineering partner with reputable manufacturing partners, selected for their commitment toward product development, supply professionalism and superior post-sales service & support

These include Motorola, Cambium, Siemens, Proxim, Moxa and Cisco

Darner Engineering are proud of the business solutions where we have been instrumental in assuring robust and reliable solutions over time, with the regular referrals of major manufacturers in supporting their initiatives being a feather in our cap

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