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Flow Information Platform

Flow Software’s decision support system, the Flow Information Platform, helps people see and understand their industrial data. Flow is an information management platform that prepares and presents contextualized KPI information for operational and strategic decision support.


Flow is a robust data collection engine that collates information in real-time from multiple disparate data sources (e.g. SQL databases, Historians, Webservices, etc.). Flow’s configurable manual entry forms provide web- based data entry where automation is not possible.


Flow is a powerful KPI calculation engine that combines collected and manually entered data via expressions, functions, aggregations and rollups. Flow adds context to KPIs by relating them to production events (e.g. batch, product, shift team, etc.). Flow evaluates KPIs against targets or limits for notification.


Flow is an information hub, providing a single version of the truth for integration into multiple consumers (e.g. Workflow Systems, ERP Systems, SQL databases, HMI Systems, etc.). Tier multiple Flow Systems together to deliver information to all levels in your business (e.g. Sites up to a Region, Regions up to Global Headquarters).