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Engineering Services

Darner Engineering is a Control Systems Engineering company providing industry with software and hardware control system packages. We strive to deliver a reliable system that meets the client’s specifications and expectations, the programming is as much an art as it is a science.

Every owner, every manager of a manufacturing operation knows what really matters: satisfied customers and a healthy bottom line. With unmatched experience in robust, production-ready process design and process optimization, Darner Engineering has a long history of helping elevate the performance of manufacturers of every description to help meet the challenge of making the most out of every job..

Darner Engineering offers complete engineering services from start to finish.To ensure that your company has the ability to adapt quickly to a continually shifting marketplace and still enjoy solid returns since no other manufacturing process gets you there as surely as automation. And no other company offers you the experience in automation solutions as Darner Engineering.

From start-up to conversions, Darner Engineering has the technical expertise to help you increase up time and optimize equipment performance. We help you meet your specific needs throughout the life-cycle of your automation strategy.